6 tips for planning

Do you want to be successful and organized? Then start planning. Planning helps you to be organized and to complete every task that you had on your list. You can use different planners or a plain notebook.

Here are my top 6 tips for planning:

Choose a planner

Choosing a planner is important while you’ll be using it until it’s full. You can choose to go with a planner or with a plain notebook – it’s important that it fits your needs. Customize it to your needs and start! It’s simple and anyone can do it.

I like to use planner from SweetPlans because of its simplicity and many functions that it offers. (https://sweet-plans.com/)

IMG_20170226_124042 (2).jpg

Create a monthly overview

That helps you when you are planning other activities because you can see what you already have this month. For example, if a friend asks you to go to a party with him next Friday, you can take a look at your monthly overview and if you have already something planned for that day you can say that you already have something, or in another case, you write in that party. You can choose to use colors for different categories, like work, friends, school, family, etc. I rather use one color only since I then plan weekly.

IMG_20170226_124631 (2).jpg

Plan weekly

The monthly plan is sometimes not enough if you want to have a more detailed plan. That’s when weekly plans come in handy. It helps if you can have an overview of each week separately so you can plan more in details. You can customize your weekly planning to your needs – maybe you need more space for one day than other. Track down your activities for current week and plans. Write them down so you won’t forget them.

Use daily planning

If you like to know what is happening that day, use daily planning. Write down every morning what do you have going on that day, including work, shopping, free time, tasks or anything else. It helps you stay organized and you Will complete all your tasks so nothing  is left for next day.

Create lists

Lists are a way of organizing and can help you to achieve your goal. Make a to-do list, shopping list or any list or your choice, but remember, it’s your goal to complete every point on that list. By doing that you’ll stay organized and be happier. Personally, I like making a to-do list every morning to see what I have to do that day and then throughout the day checking things off the list. You can make daily or weekly lists, it depends on how many tasks you have going on and when it’s their due date.

Here is an example of a to-do list:

IMG_20170226_141730 (2).jpg

You can also use apps for to-do lists, my app of preference is Todoist (https://todoist.com/).

Use habit trackers

Habit trackers are similar to lists but are used to track different habits like exercise, water intake, cleaning or anything else. They help you keep track on activities that you would like to do daily, weekly or monthly. There are a lot of ways to do habit trackers, but I like charts the most. When you are done, you just simply color in the square or make an x so you know that you did the activity or task.

Here is an example of habit tracker that I use:


Thank you for reading!


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