Winter skincare routine

Cold weather, low temperatures, and other factors can damage your skin. During winter skin needs more hydration and more protection. In this blog, I’ll show my skincare routine and products that I use on daily basis.

My skin is in winter time dry and has many breakouts although I make my very best to take care of it. I’m using the following products for 3 months now and this combination helps my skin to look fresh and to stay clear of breakouts.



Firstly I use foaming gel to clean my skin and remove any dead skin particles. I use one from Oriflame and I really enjoy it since it is not harsh and does not irritate my skin.

I follow up with clay mask that is for combination to oily skin. I use it 2x per week since I have combination skin and I found that I don’t need to use it more often. This mask cleans my pores and prevents any breakouts.

Toner is next up and I use one wit tea tree extract from Oriflame that purifies my skin and gives it matt finish. I follow up with daily face cream and eye cream.

In the evening I apply face oil for hydration during the night time. I use nigella face oil by Melvita. I have noticed that after a month of regular use my skin was clear of spots and acnes. This also serves as a replacement for night cream.

Links to products:

Face toner:

Foaming gel:

Clay mask:

Nigella Oil:,5,1,7983,92691.htm

Thank you for reading!



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