Eye-catching escape in old city of Zagreb | Zagreb Travel Blog

In the early morning hours of 22nd June, our bus left for a few hours long drive to Zagreb, Croatia. Shortly after crossing the southern border of Slovenia with Croatia, we arrived in the beautiful old city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Our first stop was the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski. When we stepped into the lobby, our eyes were drawn to the glamorous interior of the lobby, covered in marble. Our tour guide presented us the history of the concert hall and the conductor, after which the hall is named, who also wrote the first Croatian opera called Love and Evil. After the tour of both concert halls, we headed to backstage and got a view of changing rooms.

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After a short bus ride through the town, we went on a tour of the city center and the Upper City, from where we had the incredible view of the whole city. We walked along Ilica Street, the longest shopping street in Zagreb, on which were workshops of craftsmen in the history, but now there are department stores. We stopped at St. Mark’s Square to see the Croatian parliament, Croatian government residence Banski dvori and St. Mark’s Church with two coats of arms on the roof. We walked to the Zagreb Cathedral and took a look inside. The most impressive parts of the church were the stained glass windows. Then we walked to the Upper Town instead of driving with the funicular, but it was all worth it when the view over the city opened in front of us. A short walk down the hill through the City Wall’s doors took us to the Ban Jelačić square, where we ended our city tour and went to the Museum of Illusions.

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In the Museum of Illusions, we spent less than an hour but had a lot of fun.


Our last visit of the day was the visit of the Zagreb Zoo. Although it was a hot day with temperatures up to 37 °C, there were still a lot of animals in their outdoor fences. I liked the Zoo a lot and will make sure to come back sometime in the future.

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We returned back home in the evening and went home sleepy, but full of awesome new memories.

This blog post is a short summary of a one-day trip to Zagreb. I hope you like it!

The pictures used in this blog post are my property since they’re shot by me.



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