Visiting Metz – city with rich history | Travel Blog France #1

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” – Saint Augustine

Early in the morning on Saturday, 15th July, we went on a long drive towards Metz, which was the first stop in our one-week long trip around Normandy and Brittany.



After driving across Slovenia, Austria and Germany, we arrived in Metz shortly after 6 pm. We settled in a hotel nearby Gare de Metz, and shortly after went on an evening walk around the city.

Next door to our hotel was the Gare de Metz, and since our hotel was near the city centre, a step out of the hotel lobby offered a nice view on the city itself.


A short walk away, we could see Centre Pompidou-Metz, Museum of modern and contemporary arts. The shape and look of the building instantly indicate the purpose of the building itself.


As most of the cities, Metz also had a wall surrounding the city, and our next stop was in front of the city doors, the last standing part of the former wall.


Stopping by the Statue of Marshal Ney, we saw magnificent flower beds of the Esplanade, making it a perfect spot for the picture of the day.


Our last stop on an evening walk around Metz was the Metz Cathedral. It’s magnificent facade and 69 meters high made us stop there for a few moments.


For the rest of the night, we had free time. Our family decided to stay a little bit longer in the city centre, walking around the city and stopping on the beautiful bridges with blooming flowers on their fences.

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More blogs coming soon!

Photos used in this blog post are my property and were taken by me.


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