Enjoying on the beach of Falaises d’Etretat | Travel Blog France #2

On the morning of 16th July 2017, after a very delicious breakfast, we went on a long drive through Lorraine to Normandy. After finally coming to the city of Etretat, the fun finally began.


We jumped off the bus and walked through the city to the Falaises d’Etretat. Our jaws dropped instantly as the view of famous cliffs opened in front of our eyes. Having two hours of time, my dad and I walked on the cliffs while my mom enjoyed some free time on the beach.


On the right side of the beach is a cliff with a little church on the top which was built by local fishermen.


After ruined from the bombing in the WWII, it was rebuilt according to the model of the original church.


After a short walk up a number of stairs, a beautiful and unbelievable view over the city of Etretat opens.


You can also take a view over the cliff on the other side to see a small bay on the other side of the cliff.


On the left side of the beach, on the top of the other cliff, there is a golf course. We walked to the other side but did not go on top of the cliff.


For the rest of the free time, we enjoyed on the beach and enjoyed the best ice cream on the beautiful beach of Etretat.


At the end of the day, we stopped at the Le Havre and continued our drive to the city of Caen, where we slept that night.


Thanks for reading!

More blogs coming soon!


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