Going back in time to 6th June 1944 on Omaha Beach – reliving the invasion of Normandy | Travel Blog France #3

That day finally came, it was finally time to visit Omaha Beach, where the invasion of Normandy took place.  The visit set us back in time to 6th June 1944 and the operation Overlord began.


Our first stop was Omaha beach. After taking photos and selfies in front of the monument, we stepped on the sand and stopped for a few moments, thinking about those young men who died on that same beach 63 years ago.


After cleaning the sand from our shoes, the bus took us to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.


Although not everyone was recognised, they all have a gravestone, no matter what their position or religion was.


Walking through the cemetery, we once more remembered the D-Day.


Our next stop was the chain of German bunkers.  Seeing how well they were hidden in the ground made us understand why it took Allies so long to disable them.


Our final stop of the day was Memorial de Caen, where we took the time to look back into the times between the WWI and WWII, of WWII and after WWII. We concluded the visit with a short movie about the Invasion of Normandy, which remembered us that the Invasion lasted for 100 days.

20170717_164156 (2)

We spent our night in a hotel in Caen and slept firmly until the sun woke us up next morning.

Thank you for reading!

More blogs coming soon!

Photos used in this blog post are the property of me and were taken by me.



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