Getting incredible views at Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Frehel and Saint-Malo | Travel Blog France #4

We were past the first half of our trip around Normandy and Brittany, and the weather was great for the first half of the day, but in the rest of the day not so great. But we don’t need to focus on the weather, do we?

We started our day with the visit of Le Mont-Saint-Michel. Incredible views awaited us when we arrived there, taking a ride with a shuttle from parking place to the monastery. We just had to stop on the bridge to take a few photos before we continued our walk to the monastery.


Just as beautiful as the outside was the inside as well. With medieval chambers, terraces, and views of the surrounding fields and sea, it was sad to leave that all behind when we went on a drive to Saint-Malo.

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We all wanted to taste the famous oysters, but unfortunately, the weather was so bad that no one stepped off the bus as it was pouring rain. But we managed to catch the good weather when we stopped in Saint-Malo, and I used the opportunity to take some photos of the beautiful city.


In Frehel, we stopped at a festival of medieval culture in a local castle and were happier when we left the castle than we were when we went into the castle.


And some photos of the amazing views, because I just had to take them 🙂


The last stop was the lighthouse in Frehel, where we finally managed to give the postcards to the post and take some photos of the gorgeous landscape.


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We slept in a hotel in Langueux, which was the start of our next day.

Thank you for reading!

More blogs coming soon!

Photos used in this blog post are the property of me and were taken by me.


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